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Per usual, results will vary depending on your GPU, system configuration, and game settingsMORE POWER AND GOD BLESS.Robin on May 16, 2016Of course there is no type for Win 8.1 :'Dwasliana on May 15, 2016terimakasih gan bermanfa'at buat orang banyak.Richard Acelinks Ablordey on May 14, 2016Superb driver,Good download links.thanksRichard Ablordey on May 14, 2016Superb driver,Good download links.thanksPir Zubair on May 9, 2016Very Nicepride shambare on May 8, 2016thank god at leastJoseph Mwila on May 2, 2016I needed this!djasttig on April 24, 2016veryy nice richard on April 22, 2016nice thank you for a programaliajbani on April 13, 2016niceseri arunagandhorn on April 11, 2016Thank for a good programseri arunagandhorn on April 11, 2016Thank for a good programHOSTypeVersionDate AddedFile SizeFile TypeDownload Link (About) Windows XPDriver285.582012-01-0985.49 MBexeNVIDIA GeForce 210 Windows XP Video Card Driver DownloadWindows XP 64-bitDriver285.582012-01-09115.42 MBexeNVIDIA GeForce 210 Windows XP 64-bit Video Card Driver DownloadWindows VistaDriver314.222013-05-18121.85 MBexeNVIDIA GeForce 210 Windows Vista Video Card Driver DownloadWindows 7Driver314.222013-05-18121.85 MBexeNVIDIA GeForce 210 Windows 7 Video Card Driver DownloadWindows 8Driver314.222013-05-18121.85 MBexeNVIDIA GeForce 210 Windows 8 Video Card Driver DownloadWindows Vista 64-bitDriver314.222013-05-18169.75 MBexeNVIDIA GeForce 210 Windows Vista 64-bit Video Card Driver DownloadWindows 7 64-bitDriver314.222013-05-18169.75 MBexeNVIDIA GeForce 210 Windows 7 64-bit Video Card Driver DownloadWindows 8 64-bitDriver314.222013-05-18169.75 MBexeNVIDIA GeForce 210 Windows 8 64-bit Video Card Driver Downloadthank to he siteI'm so glad to visit your website, so thanksAmund on September 11, 2011I buy gforce 210 but i can't run in window 7 64 bit please help me my email is amu-joonline.nofiras on September 8, 2011thaaanksmauricio on September 8, 2011lalalasunil on September 8, 2011I buy gforce 210 but i can't run in window 7 64 bit please help me my email is skumar9639gmail.comiman on September 3, 2011imanilam on September 2, 2011good good goodafd on August 22, 2011daYudra on August 18, 2011im wear Win xp 32 bit,.please i need geforce 210 windows 7 on August 17, 20119sglp.k ghosh on August 11, 2011windows xp64 bit nvdia geforce210 download filesaba on August 10, 2011betochebilal on July 11, 2011i want to downloadsubas on July 10, 2011nvidia is good graphicnicki nick on June 24, 2011driver not signed to download for win7 32bit or 64 bit:-(saeidy on June 18, 2011hi i have important problem i buy graphic card Geforce210 but i cant run for windows 7 please help me and send in my mail link for download driver in my mail:saeidy.404gmail.comAshuRathi on June 3, 2011Thanks for helpflavius on April 21, 2011cool site:)Mama Pachuau on April 15, 2011It is goodalaa ibrahem on January 24, 2011please i need geforce 210 windows 7NVIDIA on October 25, 2010GeForce 210 Video Card Driver.thanks manFree download and instructions for installing the NVIDIA GeForce 210 Video Card Driver for Windows XP, Windows XP 64-bit, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista 64-bit, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8 64-bitPlease note: this Nvidia GeForce 210 driver is suitable for 32-bit Windows 7 versions onlyDidn't Find what you were looking for on this page?

3D Vision Supports new “3D Compatibility Mode” for 3D Vision that enables us to improve the 3D experience for many key DirectX 10 and 11 gamesloading movie Operating System: Windows 7 32-bit, Windows 8.1 32-bit, Windows 8 32-bit, Windows Vista 32-bit NVIDIA Driver DownloadsAdditional InformationDescription: Graphics processing has become an essential ingredient to the modern PCBrowse all Video Card ManufacturersIt also offers ISV certification and long lifecycle support Quadro New Feature Driver (QNF) Users occasionally select this choice for bug fixes, new features, new VR headset support or new Game Engine supportGame Ready - This 337.88 Game Ready WHQL driver ensures you'll have the best possible gaming experience for Watch Dogs

let me see if this can fix the issueBravo!saed on April 2, 2013sarlucky on March 27, 2013usefullJESUS QUIQUIA on March 25, 2013NECESARIOafit on March 25, 2013thanksdanny harrison on March 21, 2013i need this driverqws on March 21, 2013ASajinkya on March 20, 2013Okgf galaxy gt210 on March 18, 2013installervinit gujjar on March 16, 2013hiiiiiimohsin on March 15, 2013 i want driverjohn on March 14, 2013nice one like itnkks on March 9, 2013dasdwWILLIAM on March 8, 2013NIVIDIA FORCEshane on March 6, 2013laspinas 123456 Thorsten Rhlmann on February 25, 2013thorstenruehlmanngmail.comPulkit kohli on February 25, 2013thanxservet on February 23, 2013sarpdajoao on February 20, 2013muto boaRaj koli on February 20, 2013hi i have important problem graphic card galaxy 210 but i cant run for windows server 2003 please help me and send in my mail link for download driver in my mail:rkolieiplonline.com raju on February 20, 2013galaxy 210 graphics card support to windows server 2003 yes or norajesh chauhan on February 16, 2013thank's a lotfrancis on February 9, 2013thank!Ney on February 5, 2013thx man!Simson on February 4, 2013Taaaron on February 2, 2013i need aaron on February 2, 2013i needMadhu on February 1, 2013Thank you Steve Bubendorf on January 26, 2013Thanks !eduard on January 26, 2013thanks, worksadi on January 22, 2013goodbengga on January 20, 2013niceBejo on January 10, 2013i have Pixelview pv-gf-210 hope this works on my VGA!Version: 341.96WHQL Release Date: 2016.8.17 Taking too long to download?Save the driver file somewhere on your computer where you will be easily able to find it, such as your desktopIf you want to enhance photos, edit videos, watch movies, play games, or if you simply desire a Premium Windows 7 Experience, the NVIDIA GeForce 210 graphics card brings impressive graphics processing power to your PC at an incredible value.GeForce Technologies CUDA Navigate GeForce Home Drivers Hardware GeForce Experience Games Community Support Related Links NVIDIA.com NVIDIA SHIELD 3DVisionLive.com NVIDIA Blog Like Us on Facebook NVIDIA GeForceNVIDIA Follow Us On Twitter NVIDIA GeForceNVIDIA Follow Us On Instagram NVIDIA GeForce NVIDIA Follow Us On Google+ NVIDIA GeForce NVIDIA Sitemap RSS feeds GeForce Newsletter Website Feedback Legal information Privacy Policy Copyright 2017 NVIDIA Corporation Scroll To Top NVIDIA - World Leader in Visual Computing Technologies Sangat bermanfaat.Arup Deb Nath on February 7, 2014Driver Update compudude128 on January 30, 2014Thanks for driver I really needed mms on January 21, 2014mmsda on January 17, 2014sdslave on January 10, 2014I Cant Install driver NVIDIA GeForce 210aso on January 8, 2014slow downloadhasan on January 7, 2014merhabanageeb on January 4, 2014sh3'alnageeb on January 4, 2014eshtalolwut on January 3, 2014LOLWUTmohammad jafari on December 27, 2013parsa shabakehjogler on December 17, 2013I need NVIDIA GeForce 210 Windows 7 Video Card Driver installerrashed on December 15, 2013salamhenry thomas on December 14, 2013I NEED THE DRIVER

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Browse all NVIDIA DevicesRajabi on April 9, 2016Thanks a lotvsiahl on March 29, 2016Nice Jdidjdiiei on March 21, 2016jsjssisisisJorge on March 11, 2016ExcellenteFarooq Ahmad on March 3, 2016Thanks a lotxcx on January 30, 2016xcvcvDavid on January 18, 2016Easybachir on January 10, 2016goodparameshwar on January 9, 2016good BRIJLAL on January 7, 2016BRIJLALPrettyGirl on January 5, 2016wow very waaaaaananannansdgsg on January 1, 2016sgsdhsdhmanish on December 26, 2015thank yougiorgi on December 10, 2015j;l;lsfk;sfisko mazaredo on December 3, 2015iskomazaredo.blogspot.comMARCOS on December 2, 2015BOMRastha boy on November 29, 2015SuperSA3ED on November 21, 2015tHANK YOU uddav shrestha on November 17, 2015really helpful !!!butch on November 16, 2015oklkjn on November 16, 2015iuhahmad fauzi on November 10, 2015nice job guysamir on November 4, 2015 DOWNLOWDING ISNT GOOD.benjie bandico on October 30, 2015ilove younyamnyam on October 23, 2015Ksznm .devinclous on October 18, 2015thanks for driver bro renzo on October 6, 2015thanks.ases on October 1, 2015tnx broThilina on September 11, 2015Thanks .Best of luckJoseph Busingye on September 8, 2015Nice viseo cardsJoseph Busingye on September 8, 2015Nice video cardsmohd adil on September 8, 2015ThanksJames POgitot on September 7, 2015Thank you MOHAMMED on September 5, 2015THANKSmaite thapa on August 19, 2015i likechristoher on August 6, 2015this is really awesomeKhanh on August 4, 2015likeSean on July 21, 2015Saved my careerfresrt on July 14, 2015fdsGEORGE on July 10, 2015NICEEMIL DAVID on July 10, 2015THANK'Snut on July 1, 2015good goodalireza on June 26, 2015very goodjorge romero on June 9, 20155GV9sikandar ghalib on June 9, 2015nicemadun on June 8, 2015kurang mantap enakalbert on June 8, 2015thanks Bon on June 6, 2015Thanksgdsfgdsfgdfs on June 5, 2015sdfgsdfgdsgdave on May 21, 2015thank you, very best for me.Ali arslan on May 17, 2015very best for my bhai jaan computer thanks for this favour keep is upAli arslan on May 17, 2015very best for meAli arslan on May 17, 2015very best for mecuy on April 25, 2015tryComment on April 20, 2015Thank youindeed a pleasure to have your services.dominador silim on April 6, 2013quality driversFlorin on April 3, 2013Thanks alot ! U r doing a very good job, comparing to these other sites where the download link is just a link to another (or the same) pageDownload the latest version of any driver now Nvidia GeForce 210 - Windows 7 (32-bit) Click here for instant PC assistance for Nvidia GeForce 210 - Windows 7 (32-bit) related errors Applies to: Author/Supplier: Nvidia Requirements: Windows 7 32-bit File Size: 261.45 MB Release Date: 2013.10.31 Version: 327.23 Download: Nvidia GeForce 210 - Windows 7 (32-bit) Rating: 3/5 from 20 reviews.t q uomid on July 9, 2012driverjacky faller on June 30, 2012shittt 'cool men!!! 'tnx Marq on June 23, 2012This is Work or not Because i can't intall the driver,,, In DIVICE MANAGER NO VGA ALL IS QUESTION MARK??? HELPtawan on June 23, 2012thank jamichael on June 21, 2012hi iloveumesh on June 20, 2012nice umesh on June 20, 2012dsamak on June 15, 2012i like nvidiaDirahs on June 14, 2012What ?jaw on June 13, 2012 i likePat C on June 12, 2012ThanksDheeresh on June 7, 2012Thanx a lopt.Adam on June 3, 2012Thankyou very much!walamat on May 19, 2012salamatmor on May 15, 2012fdsak,k, on May 12, 2012thainkTony on April 30, 2012ThanksTEDI1980 on April 16, 2012Kurwa adne sterowniki mi nie dziaaj!!!!sukron on March 28, 2012saya Download Driver Pixelview Geforce 210 di mana'' ga ada,ehh tau''a di sini ada.hehehehe saya download aja,tpi blm saya cobain.mudah''an sukses.doain yach aLLSHARK on March 16, 2012SO GOOOODNMehran on March 14, 2012very NiceAshutosh on March 12, 2012ThanksAslam Shaikh on March 10, 2012Thnx BuddyABED(a.amjadi91gmail.com) on March 8, 2012PLEASE SEND ME IT(7) I CANT DOWNLOAd it i dont now whats wrong sorryshiva on February 18, 2012Thanksjirapong on January 19, 2012thazizmert on January 16, 2012aksfansarash on January 7, 2012majidiELMIR on December 29, 2011mozda THANKSakbar on December 27, 2011noDimas Habiby on December 24, 2011I've tried to know what my VGA name? And than I download GPU-Z,it's explain me about my Computer driver! So a go to Google for seeking the driver,finally I got it here :) So Thankyou so much 4this Driverbooh on December 4, 2011i really needed that onekish on November 22, 2011i had stop 0x00000116 with nvldmkm.sys blue screen errorbuy high-speed priority download accessA window should then show up asking you where you would like to save the fileFile Size: 216.86 MB 0efa9a7798
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